15 Natural Ways To Make Your Beard Grow Faster

15 Natural Ways To Make Your Beard Grow Faster

Growing a beard might not be a rocket science, but this is not so easy either. You’ll find tones of products and cosmetic surgeries for beard growth; however, most of them come with a hefty price tag. Why not experimenting with below-mentioned natural solutions instead? To start with, they are cheap, and work wonderfully.

Dig Into Healthy Protein & Fat

Animal based protein scores higher over the plant-based one, when it comes to triggering off facial hair growth. Lean cut poultry chicken, turkey, egg should be included in your everyday diet.  Hair is mostly made of keratin- a particular kind of protein that the body can’t produce all alone. To compensate for the fact, you should supply your hair a ceaseless pool of protein from outside, in your day to day sustenance.

While soybean or soy milk can be good sources of plant-proteins for vegans, the role of it in rapid hair development- is still debatable. Aside from meat and egg, you should stock up your fridge with low-fat, skimmed milk, Greek yogurt and cheddar cheese as well.

Like protein, fat chips in to beard growth. Don’t rush off to a plate of fatty French fries, upon hearing this. Only ‘good’ fat should find space in your diet, when you are serious about growing your facial fuzz. Dig into fish such as salmon and a fruit like avocado which are sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. On the off chance you are a vegan, popping fish oil pills everyday can be beneficial for your beard growth.

Fruits and Good Carbs


A sound eating regimen for beard growth must include fresh fruits and the right type of carbohydrates. Orange is an all-time favorite, when it comes to triggering off hair development as well as strengthening your immunity. Brimming with anti-oxidants and vitamin C, dig into seasonal orange every day.

Another fruit that delivers impressive measure of minerals in your body is- banana. Make banana smoothie, devour home-baked banana muffins, in case you don’t want to eat it raw. The magnesium and potassium present in banana replenishes important nutrients for a healthy beard growth.

Carbohydrate has to be an integral part of your nutritious plan when you are determined to flaunt that sexy goatee soon. Banish the bad carbs such as white rice, pasta and bread from your suppers and bring in brown rice and whole-grain bread instead, on the table.

Keep Skin Clear


Alas, proper skin care regimen has not been an integral part of men’s history, since antiquity. But as they say-“The Times, They Are a-Changin”. With more and more uber-sexual men preferring to flaunt their stylish beards, they have at last come to terms with- the importance of a clear skin. In the event you are one of them, take a vow that – thou shall not splash warm water on face, as long as you are stuck to your beard-growth plan.

  Instead of that, whenever your face screams for a good wash, do it with a mild soap and cold water. Yes, even its frigging cold itself outside. Apart from daily washing, give your face a thorough-yet-delicate scrubbing thrice-a-week.

Make your own exfoliator with grounded oatmeal and honey or baking soda-and-plain water; on the off chance you don’t wish to put everything store-bought on your face. Exfoliation would keep your skin pores free of dirt and oil, incite a sound blood-circulation, and make it a fertile ground for beard-growth.

Add Vitamin B

Do you know which vitamin is indispensable for beard-growth? It’s vitamin B-Complex. Do everything in your account to ensure that- your daily diet must include few of the 8-soluble vitamins, which belong to B-Complex family. Among them, biotin spearheads most of the hair growth on your skin.

Aside from consuming biotin-rich foods (cauliflower, almonds, egg-yolk), you can infuse biotin in your skin-care regimen as well. Massage your beard every day with cream or serum having biotin- as one of the major ingredients.

Take Natural Supplements

The role of natural supplements for beard growth is quite a debated one. While the prevalent school of thought has been refuting the positive claim of beard-supplements since decades, the scenario is heavily changed now. Studies have found that supplements like Aswagandha and glycine can play terrific parts in advancing facial hair growth. While the former has been lauded for hair growth in India for thousands of years, the latter converts testosterone into DHT- this spiking up male hormone secretion.

Drink Water

Most of us tend to forget drinking necessary amount of water on a daily basis. However, in case you are serious about growing an impressive mustache, say bye-bye to this habit. Keeping your skin dehydrated for a long time- makes it chapped and unbecoming to a healthy hair growth. Promise yourself that- today onward, you’d drink minimum 4 liters of water per day.

Though digging into junk food is an absolutely no-no for a beard-supportive diet, even if once in a while you munch on fries and sip into cola, take about 30 oz of water after that. This will flush the toxins out of your body.

Manage Stress


Contrary to popular belief, our bodies do require some amount of stress hormone (cortisol), which would otherwise; act as a mental buffer during trauma. On the off chance your body releases more than the standard level of stress hormone, it might lead to a sharp dip in testosterone production.

The correlation between testosterone and beard-growth is aptly-discussed many times. The only way out would be- to manage stress.Stress and anxiety, while going unchecked, can increase hormonal fluctuation- thus making it hard from the hair follicles to grow on the skin-surface.

In the event you are in a critical-mental state, talk to a therapist. Otherwise, exercise, engaging in your hobbies, meditation and above all- leading a healthy lifestyle would be suffice for a raging hormone secretion in your body.

Don’t Groom Beard In First Month

Get ready to give up on utilizing dryer, razor and trimmer on your beard, during the initial month itself. Yes, it might feel helluva scratchy and the hair ends would definitely go unevenly. Nonetheless, for the sake of swanking a thick goatee at the end of three months of grooming, let your beard grow the way it wants, in the first 30 days.  Bear in mind that, depending upon your age, heredity and lifestyle- it may take 2-5 months to develop whiskers that would have put an emperor to shame.

Moisturize With Natural Oil


Alopecia Barbae is a common male-baldness disease, which appears- either on top of head or on your face. In both the cases, it becomes hard for your body to grow hair, given this ailment remains unchecked. Even for the  go-getters among beard-enthusiasts, the sight of uncovered patches on cheeks, chin or jaws can trigger off sleepless nights.

On the off chance you belong to this tribe, there is good news for you. Eucalyptus oil rings the bell, when it comes to scouring for Alopecia Barbae cures.

Blend 5-6 drops of Eucalyptus oil with 1 ounce of virgin olive oil in a small jar, shake it well and massage your facial hair with this mix. Applying this concoction on your beard twice-a-day and in the meantime, ensure that you are not suffering from any skin fungal infection. Both of these will make for the best care for bald strips.

Aside from Eucalypts oil, cold-pressed coconut oil is another great sustenance, when you are enduring random bald spell on your face.

One tip: Regardless of whether you are experiencing Alopecia Barbae or have your beard growth under-control, using harmless paraben-based  products on your face, would be a suicide for your skin-care regimen.

Don’t Fall For Myths

There are numerous old wives’ tales regarding beard-growth. While the popular perception vows for leaving jojoba oil/lemon juice on your facial hair over-night gives it a push, the reality tells otherwise. Having sticky/acidic fluid on your face would only contribute to ruining your sleep, and nothing else.

How many of us have heard in our childhood days that, a tonsure guarantees for faster hair growth? The answer should be a staggering percentage. However, what makes the scenario more ridiculous is- when adult men fall for it and give their (in vain) faces a good shave once-in-while, in the hope for thick stubble.

Bottom-line: When it comes to beard-growth, you must believe more in science and less in tosh.


Be Physically Active


Next to nutritious diet and top grooming, it’s sweat-dripping work-out that works mostly for your beard-growth. Whether you jog around the local park or lift weight in gym- both of them would spike up the secretion of testosterone in your body. Result? Your skin would become the fertile land for hair growth- be it on top of the head or on your face.

There is an aesthetic appeal intertwined with parading a kingly beard. Nobody would give you a second look; on the off chance you have huge whiskers on a scrawny body. Regular cardio pumps up your muscles, tones up body and hikes your physical appeal manifold. So rather than looking like a hairy bum, lifting dumbbells would make you appear as a- sexy nerd with a beard.

Don’t Fight Off Genetics


When it comes to growing a beard, fighting off your genetics won’t bear any fruit. It so may happen that your chin grows the thickest hair while the cheeks see only thin stubble, even after following proper skin-care regimen in toto. This is no fault of yours; rather blame it on your heredity.

One tip may sail you through it and i.e. – learn different styling techniques to make your beard appear fuller and well-groomed. In case you can’t do it all alone, take help from a reputable salon.

Check Alcohol And Milk Consumption


When in a male body, the level of testosterone hormone is surpassed by that of estrogen; it may end up in triggering off “feminized” physical characteristics inside you. Growing a thick mustache certainly won’t fall under that. So it’s your obligation to- keep up the testosterone production high all the time, by any means.

However, this is not advisable to resort to testosterone -therapy as the first choice, as this may set off a chain of side-effects.

Now, it’s usual to ask- apart from cardio work-out, which are the other ways to incite testosterone secretion? The result lies with lower consumption of alcohol. Guzzling your favorite single malt every day may discharge aromatase enzyme in your body.

This compound converts testosterone into estrogen and you’ll be back to square one. On the off chance you find it hard to practice abstinence, limit your consumption to 1 or 2 glasses of red wine per week.

Along this line, don’t go for full fat milk, if you can’t do away with a glass of it before hitting the bed at night. Instead, choose the low-fat and skimmed version. Studies have found that full fat milk might decline the sperm count in a healthy male-thus setting off ‘male’ hormone to dwindle.

Take Plenty Of Rest



Less sleep ramps up ‘aging’ as well as decreasing testosterone level. As per Journal of American Medical Association, 5-hours of sleep (or less) may cut back on testosterone production by 10%. Isn’t it scary? Less testosterone means it would take eons to grow even stubble for you.

For the best effect, maintain a regular sleep journal and get off your portable workstation or any other electronic gadget no less than an hour before hitting the hay. Sneaking in a power nap of 30 minutes during likewise chips in to fulfill your daily sleep-quota (of minimum 8 hours).

Keep Patience


Aside from grooming, keeping up persistence is a virtue when you are growing a beard. Most men vacillate towards the end of initial month, when they become out of tolerance without seeing any visible outcome. However, it’s advisable that you should hang in there.

On the off chance, you get used to all the scratchiness and split ends in the first month, from thereon, the journey becomes smooth and the result (nice, thick whiskers) would justify the torment.

 Any man can vouch for- how ‘divine’ it feels to stroke away those velvety hair strands on your face. Apart from looking stylish, your beard may fetch you plenty of attention from opposite sex as well. To accomplish all that, don’t fall short on diligent work.