How To Grow A Beard – If You Could Not Grow Them Yet

How To Grow A Beard – If You Could Not Grow Them Yet

Regardless of age, growing facial hair can be the definitive fantasy for any adult man. Nevertheless, you need right genetics and proper grooming to flaunt a king-like mustache. Though you can’t mess around with heredity, at any day you can pick up the ideal product/care to grow a fuzz. Let’s discuss few beard-growth solutions –

Why Some Can’t Grow Beard?

This is still an enigma- why some men grow beards like Russian czars within 3 months, while others scrape by only with thin facial fuzz forever? One may blame heredity here. In the event your father or (maternal/paternal) ancestors had thick beard, then you’ll definitely inherit the ‘furriness’ as a part of genetic transmission. Unfortunately, when your forefathers used to have slim hair on face, your chance would also seem bleak.

Every man is conceived with a specific set of facial hair follicles. Over the years, these follicles will take their own sweet time to grow. While genetic has a crucial role to play in deciding your beard growth and texture, nonetheless, proper nurturing can take development-rate- far.

It’s important to take note of the above lines , so that, you have realistic expectations in terms of growing a stubble. Let’s  find out ideal products/ home-made solutions that would work, In case you have failed to grow a beard yet-


Apply Growth Oils

Kneading your beard with growth oil is the number one trick to kick-start it’s advancement. The top of line beard-growth serums/oils come with a hefty price tag. However, the facial skin- being a sensitive region, it would be astute on your part to not trade off quality for cheaper cost.

Minoxidil and biotin- rich fluids have superior beard-growth capacity. Whenever you get the chance to lay your hands on any of them, grab it. Once the beard massage session is over and it has taken enough time to absorb, don’t forget to wash off the face with water.

Make DIY Recipes


On the off chance you are reluctant to splurge on expensive growth oils, make your own DIY beard masks. Argan oil, rosemary oil, sesame oil, and virgin olive oil are some of the essential fluids that rev up hair growth on bald facial spots. While mixing up two carrier oils together, knowing the specific ratio would save your skin from any overbearing effect.

The standard proportion should be 2:1, where the milder oil should surpass the stronger one- in terms of quantity. To know the definite amount, a quick Google search would bring to you tones of answers. Just make sure that only after exfoliating your face thoroughly, you put on the DIY mask. Scrubbing off the skin thrice-a-week demolishes the oil-and-dirt build-up inside skin pores- thus making them more receptive to oil penetration.


Get Multi-Vitamins


Is your skin getting enough of Vitamin B-Complex? On the off chance the answer is ‘no’, load up your plate with vitamin B-Complex rich foods, such as- poultry chicken, eggs, beans or beef liver. Among the 8 soluble vitamins that belong to the B-Complex family, it’s biotin that spikes up beard growth on your face. So aside from feeding your body a biotin-infused diet, you should massage your fuzz with biotin-serum as well.

Vitamin A and D can fuel rapid hair growth, too. ‘Male’ hormone testosterone spearheads hair development on a man’s body. When you consume vitamin A and D-rich foods, the testosterone level automatically shots up. So cultivate the habit of eating nutritious foods for the sake of developing stubble.




Eating right is as important for growing whiskers, as grooming them with assorted products. As stated in the above point, vitamin B-Complex is instrumental in beard development, so is vitamin A and D. Stocking up your fridge with eggs, kale, spinach, chicken and oranges would be the right move to make. The role of biotin is widely appreciated in surging up hair follicles. Do you know that digging into salmon with avocado salad would supply your body with biotin via a one-pot dish?

Beside vitamins, protein plays a substantial role in healthy facial hair development. Bear in mind that more than plant-based protein, its animal-protein that is more supportive in your ‘hairy’ quest.

Beta carotene in your food repairs damaged skin cells, which in turn, convert your skin into a fertile ground to cultivate hair. Leafy green vegetables, such as- spinach, kale and pumpkin that have beta carotene in them, must be there in your everyday diet.

Treat With Care

Demonstrating some affection to your hair is one of the top prerequisites for its growth. To begin with, don’t trim the hair off for the first 30 days, unless there are split ends. Otherwise, give it a free reign to grow-anyway it wants. Yes, there will be itching but bear with it.

Nonetheless, be merciless whenever you spot ingrown hair follicles. Weed them out as they only put obstacle in the path of ‘genuine’ facial hair. Apart from massaging your beard twice-a-day, ensure that you don’t splash warm water on face- ever.

Blow Off Some Steam

For the sake of rapid beard growth, let out the pent-up stress that has been building-up for months. Stress kills testosterone, which in turn, throttles the advancement of hair follicles. Leading an active life involving lots of exercise and moving around- is the number one stress-buster for majority of men, out there.

Likewise, taking plenty of water (4/5 liters daily) and catching some z’s for minimum 8 hours per day- would contribute in preventing testosterone to decline.


Get Beard Transplant

Facial hair transplant is becoming the numero uno choice for those, who are looking for instant result aka thick facial hair. Though hair transplant can cost you above $7,000, still there are thousands of takers  for it, out there.

Just like it happens in a salon, here too, you will be shown a catalog of beard-styles. All you need to do is to pick up the one that suits your personality best.

Aside from hair transplant, testosterone injections can boost up beard growth as well, however, it might trigger off certain side-effects.  Before going through hormone-therapy, talk to your physician in details.

In your quest for beard-growth, don’t take any misstep out of desperation. Be it applying bizarre beauty masks on your face or trying out fad diets-just stay away from it. With consistent nurturing and cosmetic assistance, you will surely be able to flaunt the goatee you have always dreamed of.