Beard Czar : A Complete Review with Pros And Cons

Beard Czar : A Complete Review with Pros And Cons

Only those who had entered into their mid-20s and have not been able to grow a beard can empathize with- what I was feeling at the beginning of this year, on my birthday. I had entered into an ‘adult’er phase of my life but only with a- stubble. I was desperate to look more masculine  and upon seeing my misery, my best friend came along with the recommendation of Beard Czar. 3 months down the line since its use and voila, now I am a proud owner of a thick Balbo Beard.

I have been using beard-growth products since I had stepped out of my teen but in vain. This is the first time in my life, where I fell head over heels for a product that has formula- incorporating organic ingredients, shortest turnaround, modest pocket-pinch and above all- brilliant performance.

Let’s discuss what are the factors that have made Beard Czar such a groundbreaking brand –

About The Product


Like anything worth-achievable, growing a beard needs time and perseverance as well. Unfortunately, not many possess these virtues as they grow impatient, when the  hair strands take time to appear on face. Heck, even I was one of them till last year.

With Beard Czar, you don’t have to drop the beard-development race half-way. The blend of minerals, multivitamins and other natural extracts make it one of the torch-bearers out there, to trigger off rapid facial hair-growth.

Unlike other oral supplements for hair growth, Beard Czar takes shortest time to absorb in your blood-stream, that too, without bearing any side-effect. The hair follicles emerging out due to the constant nurture of Beard Czar ,comes off thicker, fuller and silkier, than any other product would ever do to you.

Lastly, random bald spots on your cheek, chin or jaws might make you embarrassed about your appearance. Beard Czar helps you out in getting rid of them.


As I stated above, in the world of chemical hair care products, the organic ingredients in Beard Czar should come off – novel.  Taking 300 mg of each of germ powder, garcinia cambogia, coleus forskohlii (among other organic elements ) and blending them together- has made Beard Czar an organic force in speeding up the facial hair growth.

It has an interesting mix of vitamins as well. The role of Vitamin B-complex is widely regarded behind beard growth. Among the 8 vitamins that fall under B-complex, its biotin which is a trailblazer in advancing facial hair. Beard Czar has biotin as one of the primary ingredients- thus ensuring that you get to flaunt a healthy a la mode beard.

Aside from biotin, the amalgamation of vitamin A, C and E in Beard Czar, saves your beard from the onset of beardruff, especially during winter.


In the process, you’d receive some additional benefits from these pills too. While vitamin A would fortify your immunity, vitamin E would put a slower spin on  skin-aging .

Does It work?



There are multiple factors that are going in favor of Beard Czar. First, the niacin, biotin, silica present in this product ensure that- it sets off a steady advancement rate for your facial hair. Initially, I was skeptical about the turnout of Beard Czar myself. There were tones of products I had used earlier but nothing gave out the output I had always envisioned- for my facial hair.

Nonetheless, within 3 months of utilizing Beard Czar, my view about it- flipped completely. I experienced first-hand how it worked for my favor and now, would recommend this to anyone in dire need.

What sets apart Beard Czar from its peers is- it follows a straightforward mechanism. The supplements will speed up the blood-circulation process – thus turning your skin into prolific field for hair growth.

Additionally, using Beard Czar has some side-benefits too.  The green coffee extract and garcinia cambogia present in it made me lose substantial pounds off my body and boosted up my metabolism as well.

Do you know any other beard-growth oral supplement that delivers 50% of vitamin A that your body requires, on a daily basis? Well, popping Beard Czar pills does replenish the vitamin need of yours. Not only that, a single Beard Czar capsule also supplies 100% of other vitamins, indispensable for a healthy beard growth.

How To Use It?

There is no fixed time for popping Beard Czar oral supplement. I used to have the capsules twice-a-day, one post-breakfast and other, before hitting the bed at night. However, don’t forget drinking minimum 3oz water after you swallow it down each time.

On the off chance, you want to test out its output for the initial month, then take the pill only once/ day. In the event you like what you see at the end of the first month, then increase the dosage and make it two/day from the second month onward.

Is It Legit Or Scam?


On the off chance you look for celebrity-endorsement before validating a product, then with Beard Czar, you might feel disappointed. So far, it didn’t rely on celeb-speak as well as no international star have been come forward to praise its benefits.

However, there are thousands of commoners out there who can vouch for the legitimacy of Beard Czar. In order to check that out yourself, you should certainly visit the online forums and various social media groups, opened by the active users of this product. Going there, asking around or taking part in the discussions would make it clear to you that- there are real people with real lives who have been benefited by this product in the past.

Along this line, even Reddit has some dedicated threads about Beard Czar which will get you in touch with genuine reviews of this beard-growth item.


Why You Should Use It?


There are numerous reasons for which- you should use Beard Czar. With aggravated pollution and bad lifestyle choices, many men suffer from graying hair since they hit mid-20s. If you have premature grayness in your heredity, that only adds to the misery.

The distinctive blend of Beard Czar makes sure that- your facial hair retains its original color for a long period of time. Likewise, Beard Czar slows down the premature aging of hair as well.

Alopecia Barbae is a common disease among those, who grow beard. It triggers off random bald spots on your face that would thin out whatever feeble beard growth, you may have achieved so far. Beard Czar has a terrific effect on nipping Alopecia Barbae in its bud, and you don’t have to feel embarrassed with your sketchy whiskers anymore.

The niacin present in Beard Czar- not only contributes to the facial hair follicles development but also chips in for boosting up your metabolism and regulates bowel movement.

Why You Shouldn’t Use It?

There is hardly any reason for which you shouldn’t use Beard Czar Facial Hair Complex Formula. However, I have taken up the challenge and after much deliberation and scratching my head over it- came up with 3 reasons for which you might not be interested in Beard Czar.

On the off chance, you don’t like taking oral supplements for beard growth (or hair growth in general), then this item is not for you. Rather, you should stick to gel or serum that beard-growth formula in them. Or, go for cosmetic treatments.

Secondly, there is a group of disgruntled users who have shown their vehemence in various online forums regarding Beard Czar. Why? Despite the fact that the product offers a 24-day free trial, you have to pay up for the shipping charge.

Purchases who overlooked this simple requirement, later grumbled about the product here and there. In the event you get easily influenced by negative publicity, then Beard Czar is not for you.

In spite of the fact that normally Beard Czar doesn’t set off allergies, in the event you are on any other type of oral medication; do consult to your doctor before placing an order for it.

My Personal Experience


Before laying my hands on Beard Czar, I used to have plethora of skin issues. While over-indulgence with chemical beard-growth products left me scratching my chin for the maximum time, the bald spots on my ultra-thin facial hair was refusing to go away with the home- remedies.

On top of that, lack of hair care set off premature grayness for my beard and I was yet to hit 25! In a nutshell, I was disillusioned about most of the growth-gel and serums out there and seriously contemplating beard transplant, before my friend knocked some sense to me with Beard Czar.

I was very determined since the beginning that I would only try out it for 2 weeks at max. But once I started using it daily, my opinion changed within 10 days itself. Not only hair loss stopped completely, the hair also got back its sheen. The credit goes to Beard Czar.

I was so impressed with the performance that after 1 month, I increased my dosage. And lo and behold, it took only 3 months for my beard to cover all the bald patches, grow fuller and have silky strands. The itchiness is completely gone- leaving me as a one happy man with thick whiskers.



Beard Czar is brimming with minerals and vitamins that not only trigger off facial hair growth but also turn your nails- from lackluster to shinier ones. Because of its specific natural extracts, you may lose substantial pounds and looking slimmer using Beard Czar while growing beard on other hand. So this is certainly a double bonanza.

Beard Czar is- by a long shot, one of the least expensive beard treatments out there.   With Beard Czar, there would be no need for expensive serum, hormone therapy or transplantation. Following a basic oral supplement routine, you would get silky bed of whiskers within 2 months.

At the point when men go for acquiring whiskers, sometimes, they confront terrible tingling on different fronts of the face. The niacin in Beard Czar, alleviate itchiness on your face, without causing any side-effect.

During the facial hair advancement process, the hair strands may get all curly and bunched up. To straighten them up, you don’t need to press hot straightening iron on your facial hair anymore. With Beard Czar, you will get tangle-free, neat beard.

Everyday, we are loading ourselves up with lots of chemical-laden products- both internally and externally. However, the aim should be- minimizing their utilization in your life as much as you can. With Beard Czar, rest assured that at least your beard will grow by the effects of organic extracts, essential vitamins and minerals.


The biggest con about Beard Czar is – it might not incur the desired effect when you are experiencing extreme Alopecia Barbe or zero hair growth- because of hormonal fluctuation. On the off chance you have all-white beard, then Beard Czar won’t be as effective as it is- when hair grayness just kicks off. In this case, consulting to your dermatologist and seeking more advanced treatment is recommended.

Along this line, Beard Czar might not work for every age group with equal aplomb. Based on your age, heredity or hormone growth rate in body- the result may vary from 2 months-4 months. In the event you are low on patience and prefer a short-cut route to rev up your stubble growth , then Beard Czar might not entice you much. 

The Manufacturer

Beard Czar Facial Hair Complex Formula is manufactured by the titular company, based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Beard Czar is a pioneering brand in facial hair care market segment. With its carefully researched ingredients and cost-effective price, Beard Czar has become a crowd-puller within few weeks of its launch.

Apart from its oral supplements, Beard Czar Phytoceramides and Beard Czar Oil are two other popular items from the company’s range of offerings. I would go one-step further and would advise you to massage your beard with Beard Czar oil/phytoceramides along with popping the pills, for the best result on your facial hair.


In the event you get the product straightforwardly from its official site, at that point, one bottle would cost $89.99 for 30 pills. At whatever time you subscribe for the free 14-day trial period, the said sum would be automatically slashed from your account, once the trial is over.

On the off chance you are buying Beard Czar from Amazon, you may expect it to get at a (occasional) discount price of $39.97+ free shipping. On Ebay, Beard Czar Facial Hair Complex Formula is accessible at $49.99 / bottle.



Sadly, this is difficult to find Beard Czar in any over-the-counter store. In past, few selective drug stores have hoarded up with the product but they mostly did away with counterfeit/cheaper renditions containing synthetic ingredients. Numerous times, using these diluted adaptations of Beard Czar contributed into skin hazards for the users. Rather than getting thicker facial hair, they ended up having severed hair loss and itching.

So the ideal approach to buy this product would be- to do it directly from the official site itself. Here, you can avail yourself of facilities such as- effective customer service, free trial and quick shipment.

Another USP of purchasing Beard Czar from online is- at any point of time, you don’t have to encounter aggressive promotions and misleading discounted offers from shady affiliate marketers. Apart from considering of buying this product from the original site, you can also look for reputable third-party vendors like- Amazon and EBay that shelve Beard Czar Facial Hair Complex Formula.

Scientific Back-up


Unfortunately, so far no individual scientific study has been taken up focusing solely on Beard Czar. Nonetheless, the contributions of each of its ingredients on beard growth- is well-backed by science itself.

It’s protein that has built up the majority of our skin and hair and the body can’t produce protein on its own. Beard Czar has biotin- which is a form of vitamin B-complex and takes active part in supplying protein to your hair. Reason? The amino acids present in biotin repair damaged facial tissues, and fuel hair growth.

On the other hand, aphrodisiacs are well regarded for their overbearing power on ‘male’ hormone- testosterone.  Counting zinc as one of its primary ingredients- Beard Czar Facial Hair Complex Formula displays a positive impact on testosterone production. The testosterone release inside your body, the better it would be for beard growth.

 Most of the men suffer from sun-baked and damaged skin that become less fertile with time for any hair follicle to develop. The vitamin C in Beard Czar keeps your skin hydrated, recuperates it from the effects of sun-burn and helps in setting off facial hair expansion.



The major highlights of Beard Czar like- it’s ingredients, mechanism and price can be  found out  in numerous reviews by users. Nonetheless, don’t expect to get the answers of all the understated queries there.  Let’s pick out some of them to discuss here.

Q. Is Beard Czar FDA approved?

Ans: No, Beard Czar is not a FDA affirmed product yet. Be that as it may, all of the ingredients are scientifically approved and have logical back-up to demonstrate their advantages- on hair development.

Q. Is the official site informative enough to know about the product?

Ans. Despite the fact that the official site of Beard Czar is enlightening regarding letting you know- the product’s  price, components and benefits of Beard Czar Hair Complex Formula, you’ll not find the element-percentages displayed there. Likewise, the site doesn’t disclose the manufacturing facility or the technology used as a part of making of these capsules.

Q. What other benefits Beard Czar has?

Ans. Niacin present in Beard Czar Facial Hair Complex Formula has an constructive output  in controlling cholesterol. For diabetic patients as well, using Beard Czar capsules can be remedial as- Niacin has diabetic cure properties. Along this line, biotin enhances cardiovascular capacity as well.

Is popping the pills enough?

Ans. Though completing the 4-months course of Beard Czar Hair Complex Formula  would give you the optimal result, combining it with other Beard Czar Beard supplements will put the beard-growth process on fastest track. Apart from expending the capsules, moisturize your hair with Beard Czar Beard oil for ideal result.

Customer Reviews

The majority of Beard Czar online reviews end on a positive note. While a large chunk of users marveled that how they have been able to flaunt healthy beards within weeks of using this product, other reviewers appreciated the point that- there is no trace of any chemical in the pills.

There is only handful of non-prescribed beard-growth supplements that solve the skin-itching problem like a pro. With Beard Czar, you don’t need to take the long route of visiting a doctor and get prescribed medicine to curb the tingling. Consuming the pills once a day for 1 month would be suffice. And this USP of this product scored highly in maximum customer reviews.

However, there is a tiny group of reviewers who have grumbled for paying up for shipment fees in the free-trial period.

Final Verdict

Within a short span of time, Beard Czar has carved out a niche for itself with- top service, safe formula and easy-on-the pocket pricing. There are other top billing beard-growth products in the market, be that as it may, very few among them would deliver such troika of benefits. Growing a thick beard at a quick pace, is not an easy feat to achieve. With Beard Czar in picture, your journey is only going to be smoother and shorter.

The secured payment getaways, speedy shipment and robust refund policy- offered by the company has only cemented Beard Czar’s popularity- among it’s users. On the off chance, you’d like to turn yourself into a man from a boy (yes, a promise along this line is made by the brand itself!), then do give Beard Czar a shot.

For majority of men, facial hair is identified with masculinity. Regardless of whether you’d like to enhance your macho-appeal or wish to win the attention from the fairer sex, developing thick and in style facial hair may charge you up- mentally. With Beard Czar, you can achieve it- via a neatly bundled  bottle.