Grow Your Beard In An Easy Way – Tips And Tricks

Grow Your Beard In An Easy Way – Tips And Tricks

The perfect asset of your man hood is the growth of your facial hairs. Much has already been written and told, about the growth of hair and its effectiveness. Here are few ways, that might help you in the process of growing and maintaining a healthy beard.

Four-Week Rule

One main thing about  growth of beard is that, men do not allow it to grow, to its full potential. Therefore, rule one is to help them out with its full development and to make it as your asset, in the best possible way. Impeding things to the beard growth is something, which can affect it indifferently.  For most guys, when their beard starts to itch,  it turns out to be a serious problem. You tend to cut it short or make it trimmed, so that the full beard growth is stopped.  However, there are several ways to stop this itching and boost your beard growth in reality.           

The itching is because of two reasons – one is due to lower grooming levels, which tends to make your hair itch. The second is the follicle growth, that makes you itch, but eventually stop. Hence, if you can bear the pain for a few more days, it will be growing with its full potential.


Well, we have been hearing about the fact that exercise can boost your body growth, but this can also help in increasing and boosting the growth of your hair as well. Therefore, one needs to make sure that they exercise regularly, in order to increase their testosterone level in the body.  Thus exercise can be made worthy for them, who are interested in beard growth, and to boost its full-length development. Exercise releases testosterone in the right amount and in such a way, that it can make way better for the follicles.

Nourishment to your hair is best provided by the blood circulation, that begins with exercise and so on. Apart from that, exercise can help you in reducing the extra kilos that you want to shed away. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with factors, that helps in easy passage of testosterone circulation, along with the blood circulation.

Reducing The Stress

It is important to reduce the stress level in such a way, that cortisols can be decreased in your body. The increase in the cortisol can affect the growth of your beards, since the testosterone level is lowered to a huge extent. Increased stress can lead to a narrower blood vessel, thus it constricts the flow of nutrients, throughout the blood. There are lots of factors that can help in releasing the stress, like doing meditation and exercise practices. This can reduce stress, and increase the blood flow. It also helps the flow of nutrients through it, to all other parts of the body.

You must stress on the meditation and other ways, to relieve the pressure you had and look at the magic that happens. The beard grows faster and thicker, thus makes the follicles stronger and appear much thicker.

Take A Look At Diet

While working on the diet, your choice of intake is an important consideration. This helps a man in having a balanced life, by ensuring that the blood circulation and nutrient availability is not harmed in any ways. A balanced diet includes a lot of things, which ensures that there is an abundant supply of materials in the diet, that will help in the easy management of your body and the weight value. Hair growth is always related to good eating that includes intake of all nutrients, thus keeping the matter valued. On the other hand, the intake of foods that are unhealthy, adversely affects the human body and makes it impossible to maintain the growth of your hair, like beards.

Your hair is a protein filament, and therefore protein rich foods are a necessity, incorporation of following in the diet makes the growth easier – eggs, kale, nuts, etc. These increases the testosterone as declared above, and thus assist in the growth of beards, that offers a thicker look and is healthy.

Include Supplements

Taking supplements in addition to proper diet and care, is the key to healthy beard growth or facial hair growth. The requirement of Vitamin B, zinc, magnesium, iron, Vitamin E and copper, are must for better facial hair growth. But, the harsh truth lies in the fact that many men lack the afforested items in their daily diet, which make it important for them to include supplements that offer the minerals, vitamins and other items required. This will assist in further growth and give it a thicker look, so that there is no such problem, like having lesser hair appearances on your face.

Incorporation supplements that fulfills your dietary needs, can help you to check that you do not lack any of the items above, thus ensures a better facial hair growth. The quality of hair is seen as the best, when you include the above items in your diet.

Use Beard Oils

You might still seem to lack that lustrous and thicker appearance, that is needed for your facial hair. In that case, use of all the food and supplements may fail, and you need external oil application,  that boosts the growth automatically. Essential oils with all vitamins, proteins and necessary items are needed to be included, so that it provides nurturing and growth to your facial hair, thus helps you in a lot of ways. These beard oils are made, by including all the things that are required to keep your facial hair to grow healthy, thick and long. Using the right beard oil is also necessary, in order to make your beard look manageable, luscious and healthy. Once you are using these oils and formulations, make sure that you are also using the best quality beard shampoo, in order to wash and clean your facial hair, to give it that lustrous look and finest quality!

Give your beard a TLC as we may call it or Tender, love, and care. This will not only give you a finest quality facial hair, but will also help to boost them in the proper way.

10 Simplest Ways That Help You Grow Facial Hair

10 Simplest Ways That Help You Grow Facial Hair

There are guys who face problems to grow beard resulting in getting bullied. As we all know, beards reveal masculinity and therefore properly grown beard and moustache becomes a source of pride. But there have been cases, where you will find that many guys suffer from this problem, where they have very less facial hair. This is undoubtedly a problem for them since it results in the improper growth of facial hair.

Undoubtedly this can result in affecting the self-image for guys, but the following are some of the tricks, that can help you to get facial hair without any effort.

Coconut Oil

This is one of the most common ingredients found in homes. Yes, it might sound a bit weird and conventional remedy, but in reality it works wonders.

Massage with coconut oil can result in an increase in the facial hair growth. It gets even more effective when you combine the coconut oil with the rosemary oil. The proportion should be 1 spoon of rosemary oil with 10 spoons of coconut oil. Once you have made the mixture, make use of cotton ball to apply it properly on your face. Keep doing it for 15 minutes and for best results, use it thrice a week.

Amla Oil


This is another basic ingredient required while cooking, hence you don’t have to run from one shop to another for purchasing it. Amla or the Indian gooseberry is a great hair growth stimulator.

When it comes to acquiring great results, you can either use it by combining it with mustard leaves or alone. Take this oil or the mixture and massage it properly on your face. Do not rinse it immediately after applying it. Leave t for 20 minutes and then rinse it making use of cold water.

Note: When you are using mustard leaves, for better results, you can grind the leaves and make a paste to mix it thoroughly.

Cinnamon And Lemon

Lemon and cinnamon is another combination that proffers great results. Use ground cinnamon along with 2 teaspoons of the lemon juice for making a proper mixture.

Make sure you make a paste and apply it over your beard area. Do not rinse off immediately. Keep the paste for 20 minutes and then rinse it using cold water. For great results, use this easy procedure twice in a week.

Eucalyptus Oil

Now, this is something that will require buying from a store, since it is not always available in our homes. You require using it with other oil which is easily available in the stores.

Mix it properly with other carrier oil like sesame oil or olive oil to ensure getting good results. Once you have made a properly mix, apply the oil onto your facial skin. The procedure is still the same as you require keeping it for 20 minutes and use cold water.

Moisturized And Clean Skin

We all look for different types of methodologies to improve the facial hair growth, while we never really pay attention that moisturized skin gives a better environment that results in quick facial hair growth. Furthermore, you require making sure that there is no dirt, dead skin or dirt on your skin, as it hampers in the breakthrough of the hair follicles.

Always remember that facial hair grows much easier and faster than any other parts of the body. Therefore, you require keeping it properly moisturized and clean.

Saturated Fat And Protein

Well, before you focus on any other things, you primarily require to understand this fact, that the key nutrients that promote hair growth are saturated fats and proteins. It ensures healthy and faster hair growth.

If you are thinking that only external usage will lead to faster and healthy hair growth, then you are definitely wrong. You need to keep it in mind, that incorporating proteins and saturated fats in your diet, it can actually help in facial hair growth.

Note: Protein sources are fish and beans, saturated fat sources are animal fat and eggs. Make sure you give them a part in your diet every day.

Intake Of Proper Amount Of Vitamins

Another major ingredient that ensures better facial hair growth is an adequate intake of vitamins. When you do not have proper amount of vitamins in a day, it can result in slower growth of facial hair.

Deficiency of vitamins like vitamin B6, B12 and B1 can result in lesser growth of facial hair. Proper amount of vitamin intake results in a better rate of facial hair growth, and therefore you require focusing on your diet also apart from products.

Keep Your Mind Relaxed

One of the biggest problems in our daily life that we face is stress. Well, not only facial hair growth, but also it affects out daily activities as well. So make sure that you keep your mind stress-free and devoid of any other stress elements. Exercising and practicing yoga every day can help in a better result.

Proper Massage For Hair Growth

Well, since childhood we have known that proper massage enhances the blood circulation which again keeps everything balanced. Light massage every day on your skin encourages the hair follicles ,which again assures faster and thicker hair growth. A little pressure on the parts stimulates hair growth. 

Note: There is always a need for understanding the massage technique. You can apply pressure in a circular motion and keep on doing it every day twice, for 15 to 20 minutes. This is a great technique when it comes to improving the hair growth.

Emphasize More On Vitamin B-Complex Or Biotin

You might be thinking how this will help you grow facial hair, well but Vitamin B7 does. These are also known as biotin, which is found in nuts and egg yolk. Intake of such ingredients can actually help you get a better result.

When growing beard is becoming a problem for you, these 10 easily available natural remedies can ensure a positive change. So why are you still upset? Just get started and get ready to find people appreciating on your masculine change.

The 9 Shaving Myths – Clear Your Misconceptions Now

The 9 Shaving Myths – Clear Your Misconceptions Now

Beard! Growing beard is a trend now, and without any doubt it makes a man look attractive. Properly styled and shaped beard, catches the attention of women just by doing nothing.

Well, then again there are misconceptions or myths attached to it, that might prevent a guy from growing beard. Every guy should experiment with it, as believing these false and designed myths are a complete waste. It is the time to cut these crap out and believe in reality.

Myth 1. You Cannot Grow Beard Because It Is Not In Your Genetics

The truth is you require investing enough time on it to perfectly grow a beard like celebs do. You need to be aware of the various possibilities of beard growth that can actually speed up the growth. For a full-grown beard, you need to work for almost 3 months to 1 year rather than just cursing your genes.

The reality is you require putting effort and attention to acquire the masculine look.

Myth 2: The More You Shave, The Thicker Your Beard Gets

You have been listening to this phrase for uncountable times, and undoubtedly there have been times when you almost started believing it.

The reality is when you start shaving; it actually elongates the journey and improves the chances of growing fuller beard. The prime reason, that has made this myth almost convince guys of all ages is when you shave your beard using a razor, it exposes the thicker part of the beard. Thereby making you believe that it actually makes the hair thicker.

Shaving has no relation with the biological or physiological change of the density or growth rate of the beard.

Myth 3: If Your Beard Is Not Fully Grown By Your Early 20’s, It Will Never Show Up Again

 The main problem lies in over analyzing without having much knowledge about body type.

The truth is beard tend to grow more and develop better with age. It has been reported that the peak year of beard growth varies from man to man, which is around their mid 30’s and 40’s.

Myth 4: Beard Makes You Itchy And Feels Hot

You cannot deny to the fact, but as a whole, it is not true as it depends on their lifestyle. If you do not take proper care of your beard or wash it or groom it regularly, it will end up becoming itchy and result in skin trouble.

The reality is in case you are lazy this would be the ideal excuse to avoid growing beard, but if you think you can manage, then it is a misconception. Beard is meant to make you look like a man and therefore taking proper care is inevitable.

Myth 5: Beard Has Those Faecal Matters In Them

Where do these concepts even come from in people’s mind? When does your hair follicle start growing organs within it and have genitals to excrete the waste?

This is something only people without brains can believe. Beard is just like your hair that grows out from your scalp. They do not excrete.

Myth 6: Beard Will Leave You Jobless

Most of the guys take this in a wrong way. Well, you will definitely find some employers telling you not to grow, but most of the time they mean not to come with a messy look. No one appreciates a messy and ungroomed appearance.

The reality is if you take care of your beard and make it look desirable, it is accepted even by the top companies. In case someone does not like even your polished look, start finding another worthy job.

Myth 7: Nothing Is There That Can Stimulate The Beard Growth

You must have heard from your girlfriend, sister, and mother that they use oils to increase the hair growth. So if you scalp shows positive result then why not your beard.

There are various ways by which you can increase the growth of beard and definitely it shows positive results.

Myth 8: Only A Great Barber Can Trim Your Beard

The answer to this depends on how proficient you are. If you are sure about the style you need or that will suit best on your face, you can definitely buy a trimmer and go for it. In case, you are naive; the best decision lies in getting help from a barber and getting your beard trimmed.

The reality is this cannot be judged as a myth as it depends on individual’s experience.   Barber is always a great choice, but that’s not a hard and fast rule.

Myth 9: All Parts Of Beard Grow Proportionally And At The Same Pace

How on Earth would people believe it and why? We have living examples as we can observe how body hair growth is different from scalp and arms. This is itself a proof, that what we believe or hear is nothing but a misconception.

The reality is, in most of the bearded men, the growth is slower on their cheeks than on their chin. When you invest enough time on both, you can find equal growth and then trim properly to acquire a desirable look. So don’t just trust blindly when you yourself can examine the truth.

So, shaving myths are busted and are clear to you whether it is worth believing or not.

We all have that one friend in our friend circle, who believes in some of these myths and tend to follow like their death sentence. For every man out there, don’t believe in what you hear, believe in what you see.

Beards are a sign of masculinity and grooming them properly makes you look even more appealing than you are now. So make sure that you stop believing in myths and get the masculine feature that you need.

Eventually looks matter and masculine features matters the most.

The Top Products To Help You Grow Beard Thicker & Faster

The Top Products To Help You Grow Beard Thicker & Faster

Nothing defines being masculine more, than flaunting a prepped-up beard. Be that as it may, not everybody has the same beard growth that look dapper. For this, you need  beard-care products that provide skin-deep wholesome nourishment. Below are the top 8 beard-growth items, topping  the chart in 2017-

Beard Czar

A stand-out among the most sought after beard-care supplements, Beard Czar is a groundbreaking brand in it’s segment. Brimming with natural ingredients, Beard Czar bolsters your facial fuzz development and care for  the skin, as well. Made essentially with Vitamin B-complex (including biotin), Beard Czar ensures 100% thick facial-hair outgrowth within the stipulated time.

The eminent rating (4.5 stars) it has garnered  in Amazon by the common users speak volumes for the quality of this product and how Beard Czar is so well received out there. Utilizing Beard Czar  is pretty easy. Just pop a pill per day for 1 month at a stretch and it may lead to an impressive advancement of the facial fuzz .

All Natural Maxx Beard

Most of the men who gear up to grow beard, suffer from few facial bald spots that are hard to be topped off with hair. For them, All Natural Maxx Beard should be the go-to item. With it’s 100% clinically-tested natural ingredients, All Natural Maxx Beard incites hair growth in the most stubborn regions of your face.

The distinctive formula of All Natural Maxx Beard- combining herbs, kopyrrol and Vitamin-B complex ,would chip in the rapid development of beard, mustache or goatee . This 3-in-1 substance comes in a neat package, is convenient to apply and is a value-for-money buy.

Minoxidil Extra Strength Oil

Covering patchy spots or topping-off diminishing hair is hazard that comes with beard growth. In order to solve it, Minoxidil Extra Strength Oil has an intense formula that displays result within a short span. The application part is convenient as well (with the help of a dropper) and won’t require much effort from the user.

The distinctive composition of Minoxidil Extra Strength Oil kicks off hair-growth on the ‘stubborn’ bald spots of your face from day one, and would display the result within 2 months!

Minoxidil is touted to be the panache for treating Alopecia Barbae among men. After a rigorous 4-6 weeks of usage of this oil, you will undoubtedly be able to parade your sexy goatee/side-burns or mustache.

You can buy this package from Amazon at an impressive discounted price. And that too, with  6 months of supply.

BRO- Beard Rejuvenating Oil

As the name suggests, BRO – Beard Rejuvenating Oil would hold your hand in this arduous journey of growing beard, like a sibling. The one of a kind formula blending- Vitamin, apricot kernel oil, almond oil and coconut oil, has great moisturizing ability that would keep your skin supple and facial hair-silky.

This Beard Rejuvenating Oil  shoots up a quicker hair-growth rate as well. Many a times, it gets difficult to comb through tangles of beard that have- knots in them as well as frizzy ends. Once you start putting on this Beard Rejuvenating Oil on your fuzz, it would become much easier to groom your mustache.

Keeping aside the plenty of goodness BRO offers, another reason for its ascending popularity is- the pocket-friendly value. Priced at only $12.00+ shipping at Amazon, this is a must-to-have item for serious beard-growers out there.

Smooth Viking Beard & Hair Growth Support

The intense blend of Vitamin- B complex Biotin and the brand’s trailblazing  growth support formula (a combination of Vitamin A, C and E), has made Smooth Viking product a  force to reckon with, in beard-care segment.

While biotin treats  hair loss and keeps topping off the ‘uncovered’spots, the growth-equation ensures  silky patches of beard, along with well-nourished skin. Numerous men suffer from the perils of split ends while developing beard.  Vit E present in Smooth Viking, looks after a consistent beard growth.

Priced at $22.00 at Amazon, it’s a cost-savvy purchase  because the same capsules would spark off hair growth on pate, as well.

Delta Genesis Beard Fuel XL

With just 4 drops a day, Delta Genesis Beard Fuel XL is counted among the ultimate arrangements behind facial hair development. Not only that, it strikes off itchiness, patchy spots and frizz-on-beard as well. Using citrus flavonoids as main ingredients, this fluid has strong anti-oxidant quality that demolishes free radicals on skin and builds-up the right ambiance for the hair to grow.

Those of you wary of using synthetic items for bristle advancement, should experiment with this cold-pressed argan oil-based, 100% fragrance-free substance. Another USP of Delta Genesis Beard Fuel is –  with it, hair increment becomes visible within 3 weeks.

VitaBeard- Facial Hair Support

A vegan beard-growth solution with non-GMO certification, does it sound like a quack remedy? Then rest assured as VitaBeard Facial Hair Support is the only beard supplement  that has achieved this feat with coolness. These multivitamin capsules do everything for the healthy advancement of your whiskers- from minimizing itching to keep skin dryness under control.

Additionally, VitaBeard treats splitting hair-ends, keeps the fuzz moisturized among others. The fertilizing effect this vitamin supplement has, nourishes the hair follicles  from inside the skin. The outcome would give you the thickest and strong textured hair within the briefest period possible.

Beardilizer Facial Hair & Beard Growth Complex For Men

For a faster maturation of whisker, only external care is not sufficient; hair follicles need internal trigger as well. For that, Beardilizer Facial Hair & Beard Growth Complex is the ideal agent. The potent blend of Vitamin A, C, and E and copper( along with other natural resources) of Beardilizer has overpowering effect on facial bristle growth.

This 100% drug-free oral supplement would drive new hair follicles to emerge out  while strengthening their roots simultaneously. The substances present in Beardilizer maintains the softness of skin and keeps it hydrated too. Result? No more bare patches, frizzy ends and dried-out skin.

For optimal outcome, this dietary supplement ought to be consumed seriously for 10-days at a stretch. Or else, you can have  one-pill-a-day for 30-days. Priced at $28.49 and containing 90 capsules / container, Beardilizer unquestionably is an enticing buy, which would make you flaunt  beard like a czar.

Growing beard requires a- healthy lifestyle overhaul and the right supplement. While the first one is manageable, it might be confounding to pick up the ideal beard growth item . The above recommendations are well- received by majority of consumers. So take your pick.

How To Grow A Beard – If You Could Not Grow Them Yet

How To Grow A Beard – If You Could Not Grow Them Yet

Regardless of age, growing facial hair can be the definitive fantasy for any adult man. Nevertheless, you need right genetics and proper grooming to flaunt a king-like mustache. Though you can’t mess around with heredity, at any day you can pick up the ideal product/care to grow a fuzz. Let’s discuss few beard-growth solutions –

Why Some Can’t Grow Beard?

This is still an enigma- why some men grow beards like Russian czars within 3 months, while others scrape by only with thin facial fuzz forever? One may blame heredity here. In the event your father or (maternal/paternal) ancestors had thick beard, then you’ll definitely inherit the ‘furriness’ as a part of genetic transmission. Unfortunately, when your forefathers used to have slim hair on face, your chance would also seem bleak.

Every man is conceived with a specific set of facial hair follicles. Over the years, these follicles will take their own sweet time to grow. While genetic has a crucial role to play in deciding your beard growth and texture, nonetheless, proper nurturing can take development-rate- far.

It’s important to take note of the above lines , so that, you have realistic expectations in terms of growing a stubble. Let’s  find out ideal products/ home-made solutions that would work, In case you have failed to grow a beard yet-


Apply Growth Oils

Kneading your beard with growth oil is the number one trick to kick-start it’s advancement. The top of line beard-growth serums/oils come with a hefty price tag. However, the facial skin- being a sensitive region, it would be astute on your part to not trade off quality for cheaper cost.

Minoxidil and biotin- rich fluids have superior beard-growth capacity. Whenever you get the chance to lay your hands on any of them, grab it. Once the beard massage session is over and it has taken enough time to absorb, don’t forget to wash off the face with water.

Make DIY Recipes


On the off chance you are reluctant to splurge on expensive growth oils, make your own DIY beard masks. Argan oil, rosemary oil, sesame oil, and virgin olive oil are some of the essential fluids that rev up hair growth on bald facial spots. While mixing up two carrier oils together, knowing the specific ratio would save your skin from any overbearing effect.

The standard proportion should be 2:1, where the milder oil should surpass the stronger one- in terms of quantity. To know the definite amount, a quick Google search would bring to you tones of answers. Just make sure that only after exfoliating your face thoroughly, you put on the DIY mask. Scrubbing off the skin thrice-a-week demolishes the oil-and-dirt build-up inside skin pores- thus making them more receptive to oil penetration.


Get Multi-Vitamins


Is your skin getting enough of Vitamin B-Complex? On the off chance the answer is ‘no’, load up your plate with vitamin B-Complex rich foods, such as- poultry chicken, eggs, beans or beef liver. Among the 8 soluble vitamins that belong to the B-Complex family, it’s biotin that spikes up beard growth on your face. So aside from feeding your body a biotin-infused diet, you should massage your fuzz with biotin-serum as well.

Vitamin A and D can fuel rapid hair growth, too. ‘Male’ hormone testosterone spearheads hair development on a man’s body. When you consume vitamin A and D-rich foods, the testosterone level automatically shots up. So cultivate the habit of eating nutritious foods for the sake of developing stubble.




Eating right is as important for growing whiskers, as grooming them with assorted products. As stated in the above point, vitamin B-Complex is instrumental in beard development, so is vitamin A and D. Stocking up your fridge with eggs, kale, spinach, chicken and oranges would be the right move to make. The role of biotin is widely appreciated in surging up hair follicles. Do you know that digging into salmon with avocado salad would supply your body with biotin via a one-pot dish?

Beside vitamins, protein plays a substantial role in healthy facial hair development. Bear in mind that more than plant-based protein, its animal-protein that is more supportive in your ‘hairy’ quest.

Beta carotene in your food repairs damaged skin cells, which in turn, convert your skin into a fertile ground to cultivate hair. Leafy green vegetables, such as- spinach, kale and pumpkin that have beta carotene in them, must be there in your everyday diet.

Treat With Care

Demonstrating some affection to your hair is one of the top prerequisites for its growth. To begin with, don’t trim the hair off for the first 30 days, unless there are split ends. Otherwise, give it a free reign to grow-anyway it wants. Yes, there will be itching but bear with it.

Nonetheless, be merciless whenever you spot ingrown hair follicles. Weed them out as they only put obstacle in the path of ‘genuine’ facial hair. Apart from massaging your beard twice-a-day, ensure that you don’t splash warm water on face- ever.

Blow Off Some Steam

For the sake of rapid beard growth, let out the pent-up stress that has been building-up for months. Stress kills testosterone, which in turn, throttles the advancement of hair follicles. Leading an active life involving lots of exercise and moving around- is the number one stress-buster for majority of men, out there.

Likewise, taking plenty of water (4/5 liters daily) and catching some z’s for minimum 8 hours per day- would contribute in preventing testosterone to decline.


Get Beard Transplant

Facial hair transplant is becoming the numero uno choice for those, who are looking for instant result aka thick facial hair. Though hair transplant can cost you above $7,000, still there are thousands of takers  for it, out there.

Just like it happens in a salon, here too, you will be shown a catalog of beard-styles. All you need to do is to pick up the one that suits your personality best.

Aside from hair transplant, testosterone injections can boost up beard growth as well, however, it might trigger off certain side-effects.  Before going through hormone-therapy, talk to your physician in details.

In your quest for beard-growth, don’t take any misstep out of desperation. Be it applying bizarre beauty masks on your face or trying out fad diets-just stay away from it. With consistent nurturing and cosmetic assistance, you will surely be able to flaunt the goatee you have always dreamed of.

Beard Czar : A Complete Review with Pros And Cons

Beard Czar : A Complete Review with Pros And Cons

Only those who had entered into their mid-20s and have not been able to grow a beard can empathize with- what I was feeling at the beginning of this year, on my birthday. I had entered into an ‘adult’er phase of my life but only with a- stubble. I was desperate to look more masculine  and upon seeing my misery, my best friend came along with the recommendation of Beard Czar. 3 months down the line since its use and voila, now I am a proud owner of a thick Balbo Beard.

I have been using beard-growth products since I had stepped out of my teen but in vain. This is the first time in my life, where I fell head over heels for a product that has formula- incorporating organic ingredients, shortest turnaround, modest pocket-pinch and above all- brilliant performance.

Let’s discuss what are the factors that have made Beard Czar such a groundbreaking brand –

About The Product


Like anything worth-achievable, growing a beard needs time and perseverance as well. Unfortunately, not many possess these virtues as they grow impatient, when the  hair strands take time to appear on face. Heck, even I was one of them till last year.

With Beard Czar, you don’t have to drop the beard-development race half-way. The blend of minerals, multivitamins and other natural extracts make it one of the torch-bearers out there, to trigger off rapid facial hair-growth.

Unlike other oral supplements for hair growth, Beard Czar takes shortest time to absorb in your blood-stream, that too, without bearing any side-effect. The hair follicles emerging out due to the constant nurture of Beard Czar ,comes off thicker, fuller and silkier, than any other product would ever do to you.

Lastly, random bald spots on your cheek, chin or jaws might make you embarrassed about your appearance. Beard Czar helps you out in getting rid of them.


As I stated above, in the world of chemical hair care products, the organic ingredients in Beard Czar should come off – novel.  Taking 300 mg of each of germ powder, garcinia cambogia, coleus forskohlii (among other organic elements ) and blending them together- has made Beard Czar an organic force in speeding up the facial hair growth.

It has an interesting mix of vitamins as well. The role of Vitamin B-complex is widely regarded behind beard growth. Among the 8 vitamins that fall under B-complex, its biotin which is a trailblazer in advancing facial hair. Beard Czar has biotin as one of the primary ingredients- thus ensuring that you get to flaunt a healthy a la mode beard.

Aside from biotin, the amalgamation of vitamin A, C and E in Beard Czar, saves your beard from the onset of beardruff, especially during winter.


In the process, you’d receive some additional benefits from these pills too. While vitamin A would fortify your immunity, vitamin E would put a slower spin on  skin-aging .

Does It work?



There are multiple factors that are going in favor of Beard Czar. First, the niacin, biotin, silica present in this product ensure that- it sets off a steady advancement rate for your facial hair. Initially, I was skeptical about the turnout of Beard Czar myself. There were tones of products I had used earlier but nothing gave out the output I had always envisioned- for my facial hair.

Nonetheless, within 3 months of utilizing Beard Czar, my view about it- flipped completely. I experienced first-hand how it worked for my favor and now, would recommend this to anyone in dire need.

What sets apart Beard Czar from its peers is- it follows a straightforward mechanism. The supplements will speed up the blood-circulation process – thus turning your skin into prolific field for hair growth.

Additionally, using Beard Czar has some side-benefits too.  The green coffee extract and garcinia cambogia present in it made me lose substantial pounds off my body and boosted up my metabolism as well.

Do you know any other beard-growth oral supplement that delivers 50% of vitamin A that your body requires, on a daily basis? Well, popping Beard Czar pills does replenish the vitamin need of yours. Not only that, a single Beard Czar capsule also supplies 100% of other vitamins, indispensable for a healthy beard growth.

How To Use It?

There is no fixed time for popping Beard Czar oral supplement. I used to have the capsules twice-a-day, one post-breakfast and other, before hitting the bed at night. However, don’t forget drinking minimum 3oz water after you swallow it down each time.

On the off chance, you want to test out its output for the initial month, then take the pill only once/ day. In the event you like what you see at the end of the first month, then increase the dosage and make it two/day from the second month onward.

Is It Legit Or Scam?


On the off chance you look for celebrity-endorsement before validating a product, then with Beard Czar, you might feel disappointed. So far, it didn’t rely on celeb-speak as well as no international star have been come forward to praise its benefits.

However, there are thousands of commoners out there who can vouch for the legitimacy of Beard Czar. In order to check that out yourself, you should certainly visit the online forums and various social media groups, opened by the active users of this product. Going there, asking around or taking part in the discussions would make it clear to you that- there are real people with real lives who have been benefited by this product in the past.

Along this line, even Reddit has some dedicated threads about Beard Czar which will get you in touch with genuine reviews of this beard-growth item.


Why You Should Use It?


There are numerous reasons for which- you should use Beard Czar. With aggravated pollution and bad lifestyle choices, many men suffer from graying hair since they hit mid-20s. If you have premature grayness in your heredity, that only adds to the misery.

The distinctive blend of Beard Czar makes sure that- your facial hair retains its original color for a long period of time. Likewise, Beard Czar slows down the premature aging of hair as well.

Alopecia Barbae is a common disease among those, who grow beard. It triggers off random bald spots on your face that would thin out whatever feeble beard growth, you may have achieved so far. Beard Czar has a terrific effect on nipping Alopecia Barbae in its bud, and you don’t have to feel embarrassed with your sketchy whiskers anymore.

The niacin present in Beard Czar- not only contributes to the facial hair follicles development but also chips in for boosting up your metabolism and regulates bowel movement.

Why You Shouldn’t Use It?

There is hardly any reason for which you shouldn’t use Beard Czar Facial Hair Complex Formula. However, I have taken up the challenge and after much deliberation and scratching my head over it- came up with 3 reasons for which you might not be interested in Beard Czar.

On the off chance, you don’t like taking oral supplements for beard growth (or hair growth in general), then this item is not for you. Rather, you should stick to gel or serum that beard-growth formula in them. Or, go for cosmetic treatments.

Secondly, there is a group of disgruntled users who have shown their vehemence in various online forums regarding Beard Czar. Why? Despite the fact that the product offers a 24-day free trial, you have to pay up for the shipping charge.

Purchases who overlooked this simple requirement, later grumbled about the product here and there. In the event you get easily influenced by negative publicity, then Beard Czar is not for you.

In spite of the fact that normally Beard Czar doesn’t set off allergies, in the event you are on any other type of oral medication; do consult to your doctor before placing an order for it.

My Personal Experience


Before laying my hands on Beard Czar, I used to have plethora of skin issues. While over-indulgence with chemical beard-growth products left me scratching my chin for the maximum time, the bald spots on my ultra-thin facial hair was refusing to go away with the home- remedies.

On top of that, lack of hair care set off premature grayness for my beard and I was yet to hit 25! In a nutshell, I was disillusioned about most of the growth-gel and serums out there and seriously contemplating beard transplant, before my friend knocked some sense to me with Beard Czar.

I was very determined since the beginning that I would only try out it for 2 weeks at max. But once I started using it daily, my opinion changed within 10 days itself. Not only hair loss stopped completely, the hair also got back its sheen. The credit goes to Beard Czar.

I was so impressed with the performance that after 1 month, I increased my dosage. And lo and behold, it took only 3 months for my beard to cover all the bald patches, grow fuller and have silky strands. The itchiness is completely gone- leaving me as a one happy man with thick whiskers.



Beard Czar is brimming with minerals and vitamins that not only trigger off facial hair growth but also turn your nails- from lackluster to shinier ones. Because of its specific natural extracts, you may lose substantial pounds and looking slimmer using Beard Czar while growing beard on other hand. So this is certainly a double bonanza.

Beard Czar is- by a long shot, one of the least expensive beard treatments out there.   With Beard Czar, there would be no need for expensive serum, hormone therapy or transplantation. Following a basic oral supplement routine, you would get silky bed of whiskers within 2 months.

At the point when men go for acquiring whiskers, sometimes, they confront terrible tingling on different fronts of the face. The niacin in Beard Czar, alleviate itchiness on your face, without causing any side-effect.

During the facial hair advancement process, the hair strands may get all curly and bunched up. To straighten them up, you don’t need to press hot straightening iron on your facial hair anymore. With Beard Czar, you will get tangle-free, neat beard.

Everyday, we are loading ourselves up with lots of chemical-laden products- both internally and externally. However, the aim should be- minimizing their utilization in your life as much as you can. With Beard Czar, rest assured that at least your beard will grow by the effects of organic extracts, essential vitamins and minerals.


The biggest con about Beard Czar is – it might not incur the desired effect when you are experiencing extreme Alopecia Barbe or zero hair growth- because of hormonal fluctuation. On the off chance you have all-white beard, then Beard Czar won’t be as effective as it is- when hair grayness just kicks off. In this case, consulting to your dermatologist and seeking more advanced treatment is recommended.

Along this line, Beard Czar might not work for every age group with equal aplomb. Based on your age, heredity or hormone growth rate in body- the result may vary from 2 months-4 months. In the event you are low on patience and prefer a short-cut route to rev up your stubble growth , then Beard Czar might not entice you much. 

The Manufacturer

Beard Czar Facial Hair Complex Formula is manufactured by the titular company, based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Beard Czar is a pioneering brand in facial hair care market segment. With its carefully researched ingredients and cost-effective price, Beard Czar has become a crowd-puller within few weeks of its launch.

Apart from its oral supplements, Beard Czar Phytoceramides and Beard Czar Oil are two other popular items from the company’s range of offerings. I would go one-step further and would advise you to massage your beard with Beard Czar oil/phytoceramides along with popping the pills, for the best result on your facial hair.


In the event you get the product straightforwardly from its official site, at that point, one bottle would cost $89.99 for 30 pills. At whatever time you subscribe for the free 14-day trial period, the said sum would be automatically slashed from your account, once the trial is over.

On the off chance you are buying Beard Czar from Amazon, you may expect it to get at a (occasional) discount price of $39.97+ free shipping. On Ebay, Beard Czar Facial Hair Complex Formula is accessible at $49.99 / bottle.



Sadly, this is difficult to find Beard Czar in any over-the-counter store. In past, few selective drug stores have hoarded up with the product but they mostly did away with counterfeit/cheaper renditions containing synthetic ingredients. Numerous times, using these diluted adaptations of Beard Czar contributed into skin hazards for the users. Rather than getting thicker facial hair, they ended up having severed hair loss and itching.

So the ideal approach to buy this product would be- to do it directly from the official site itself. Here, you can avail yourself of facilities such as- effective customer service, free trial and quick shipment.

Another USP of purchasing Beard Czar from online is- at any point of time, you don’t have to encounter aggressive promotions and misleading discounted offers from shady affiliate marketers. Apart from considering of buying this product from the original site, you can also look for reputable third-party vendors like- Amazon and EBay that shelve Beard Czar Facial Hair Complex Formula.

Scientific Back-up


Unfortunately, so far no individual scientific study has been taken up focusing solely on Beard Czar. Nonetheless, the contributions of each of its ingredients on beard growth- is well-backed by science itself.

It’s protein that has built up the majority of our skin and hair and the body can’t produce protein on its own. Beard Czar has biotin- which is a form of vitamin B-complex and takes active part in supplying protein to your hair. Reason? The amino acids present in biotin repair damaged facial tissues, and fuel hair growth.

On the other hand, aphrodisiacs are well regarded for their overbearing power on ‘male’ hormone- testosterone.  Counting zinc as one of its primary ingredients- Beard Czar Facial Hair Complex Formula displays a positive impact on testosterone production. The testosterone release inside your body, the better it would be for beard growth.

 Most of the men suffer from sun-baked and damaged skin that become less fertile with time for any hair follicle to develop. The vitamin C in Beard Czar keeps your skin hydrated, recuperates it from the effects of sun-burn and helps in setting off facial hair expansion.



The major highlights of Beard Czar like- it’s ingredients, mechanism and price can be  found out  in numerous reviews by users. Nonetheless, don’t expect to get the answers of all the understated queries there.  Let’s pick out some of them to discuss here.

Q. Is Beard Czar FDA approved?

Ans: No, Beard Czar is not a FDA affirmed product yet. Be that as it may, all of the ingredients are scientifically approved and have logical back-up to demonstrate their advantages- on hair development.

Q. Is the official site informative enough to know about the product?

Ans. Despite the fact that the official site of Beard Czar is enlightening regarding letting you know- the product’s  price, components and benefits of Beard Czar Hair Complex Formula, you’ll not find the element-percentages displayed there. Likewise, the site doesn’t disclose the manufacturing facility or the technology used as a part of making of these capsules.

Q. What other benefits Beard Czar has?

Ans. Niacin present in Beard Czar Facial Hair Complex Formula has an constructive output  in controlling cholesterol. For diabetic patients as well, using Beard Czar capsules can be remedial as- Niacin has diabetic cure properties. Along this line, biotin enhances cardiovascular capacity as well.

Is popping the pills enough?

Ans. Though completing the 4-months course of Beard Czar Hair Complex Formula  would give you the optimal result, combining it with other Beard Czar Beard supplements will put the beard-growth process on fastest track. Apart from expending the capsules, moisturize your hair with Beard Czar Beard oil for ideal result.

Customer Reviews

The majority of Beard Czar online reviews end on a positive note. While a large chunk of users marveled that how they have been able to flaunt healthy beards within weeks of using this product, other reviewers appreciated the point that- there is no trace of any chemical in the pills.

There is only handful of non-prescribed beard-growth supplements that solve the skin-itching problem like a pro. With Beard Czar, you don’t need to take the long route of visiting a doctor and get prescribed medicine to curb the tingling. Consuming the pills once a day for 1 month would be suffice. And this USP of this product scored highly in maximum customer reviews.

However, there is a tiny group of reviewers who have grumbled for paying up for shipment fees in the free-trial period.

Final Verdict

Within a short span of time, Beard Czar has carved out a niche for itself with- top service, safe formula and easy-on-the pocket pricing. There are other top billing beard-growth products in the market, be that as it may, very few among them would deliver such troika of benefits. Growing a thick beard at a quick pace, is not an easy feat to achieve. With Beard Czar in picture, your journey is only going to be smoother and shorter.

The secured payment getaways, speedy shipment and robust refund policy- offered by the company has only cemented Beard Czar’s popularity- among it’s users. On the off chance, you’d like to turn yourself into a man from a boy (yes, a promise along this line is made by the brand itself!), then do give Beard Czar a shot.

For majority of men, facial hair is identified with masculinity. Regardless of whether you’d like to enhance your macho-appeal or wish to win the attention from the fairer sex, developing thick and in style facial hair may charge you up- mentally. With Beard Czar, you can achieve it- via a neatly bundled  bottle.

15 Natural Ways To Make Your Beard Grow Faster

15 Natural Ways To Make Your Beard Grow Faster

Growing a beard might not be a rocket science, but this is not so easy either. You’ll find tones of products and cosmetic surgeries for beard growth; however, most of them come with a hefty price tag. Why not experimenting with below-mentioned natural solutions instead? To start with, they are cheap, and work wonderfully.

Dig Into Healthy Protein & Fat

Animal based protein scores higher over the plant-based one, when it comes to triggering off facial hair growth. Lean cut poultry chicken, turkey, egg should be included in your everyday diet.  Hair is mostly made of keratin- a particular kind of protein that the body can’t produce all alone. To compensate for the fact, you should supply your hair a ceaseless pool of protein from outside, in your day to day sustenance.

While soybean or soy milk can be good sources of plant-proteins for vegans, the role of it in rapid hair development- is still debatable. Aside from meat and egg, you should stock up your fridge with low-fat, skimmed milk, Greek yogurt and cheddar cheese as well.

Like protein, fat chips in to beard growth. Don’t rush off to a plate of fatty French fries, upon hearing this. Only ‘good’ fat should find space in your diet, when you are serious about growing your facial fuzz. Dig into fish such as salmon and a fruit like avocado which are sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. On the off chance you are a vegan, popping fish oil pills everyday can be beneficial for your beard growth.

Fruits and Good Carbs


A sound eating regimen for beard growth must include fresh fruits and the right type of carbohydrates. Orange is an all-time favorite, when it comes to triggering off hair development as well as strengthening your immunity. Brimming with anti-oxidants and vitamin C, dig into seasonal orange every day.

Another fruit that delivers impressive measure of minerals in your body is- banana. Make banana smoothie, devour home-baked banana muffins, in case you don’t want to eat it raw. The magnesium and potassium present in banana replenishes important nutrients for a healthy beard growth.

Carbohydrate has to be an integral part of your nutritious plan when you are determined to flaunt that sexy goatee soon. Banish the bad carbs such as white rice, pasta and bread from your suppers and bring in brown rice and whole-grain bread instead, on the table.

Keep Skin Clear


Alas, proper skin care regimen has not been an integral part of men’s history, since antiquity. But as they say-“The Times, They Are a-Changin”. With more and more uber-sexual men preferring to flaunt their stylish beards, they have at last come to terms with- the importance of a clear skin. In the event you are one of them, take a vow that – thou shall not splash warm water on face, as long as you are stuck to your beard-growth plan.

  Instead of that, whenever your face screams for a good wash, do it with a mild soap and cold water. Yes, even its frigging cold itself outside. Apart from daily washing, give your face a thorough-yet-delicate scrubbing thrice-a-week.

Make your own exfoliator with grounded oatmeal and honey or baking soda-and-plain water; on the off chance you don’t wish to put everything store-bought on your face. Exfoliation would keep your skin pores free of dirt and oil, incite a sound blood-circulation, and make it a fertile ground for beard-growth.

Add Vitamin B

Do you know which vitamin is indispensable for beard-growth? It’s vitamin B-Complex. Do everything in your account to ensure that- your daily diet must include few of the 8-soluble vitamins, which belong to B-Complex family. Among them, biotin spearheads most of the hair growth on your skin.

Aside from consuming biotin-rich foods (cauliflower, almonds, egg-yolk), you can infuse biotin in your skin-care regimen as well. Massage your beard every day with cream or serum having biotin- as one of the major ingredients.

Take Natural Supplements

The role of natural supplements for beard growth is quite a debated one. While the prevalent school of thought has been refuting the positive claim of beard-supplements since decades, the scenario is heavily changed now. Studies have found that supplements like Aswagandha and glycine can play terrific parts in advancing facial hair growth. While the former has been lauded for hair growth in India for thousands of years, the latter converts testosterone into DHT- this spiking up male hormone secretion.

Drink Water

Most of us tend to forget drinking necessary amount of water on a daily basis. However, in case you are serious about growing an impressive mustache, say bye-bye to this habit. Keeping your skin dehydrated for a long time- makes it chapped and unbecoming to a healthy hair growth. Promise yourself that- today onward, you’d drink minimum 4 liters of water per day.

Though digging into junk food is an absolutely no-no for a beard-supportive diet, even if once in a while you munch on fries and sip into cola, take about 30 oz of water after that. This will flush the toxins out of your body.

Manage Stress


Contrary to popular belief, our bodies do require some amount of stress hormone (cortisol), which would otherwise; act as a mental buffer during trauma. On the off chance your body releases more than the standard level of stress hormone, it might lead to a sharp dip in testosterone production.

The correlation between testosterone and beard-growth is aptly-discussed many times. The only way out would be- to manage stress.Stress and anxiety, while going unchecked, can increase hormonal fluctuation- thus making it hard from the hair follicles to grow on the skin-surface.

In the event you are in a critical-mental state, talk to a therapist. Otherwise, exercise, engaging in your hobbies, meditation and above all- leading a healthy lifestyle would be suffice for a raging hormone secretion in your body.

Don’t Groom Beard In First Month

Get ready to give up on utilizing dryer, razor and trimmer on your beard, during the initial month itself. Yes, it might feel helluva scratchy and the hair ends would definitely go unevenly. Nonetheless, for the sake of swanking a thick goatee at the end of three months of grooming, let your beard grow the way it wants, in the first 30 days.  Bear in mind that, depending upon your age, heredity and lifestyle- it may take 2-5 months to develop whiskers that would have put an emperor to shame.

Moisturize With Natural Oil


Alopecia Barbae is a common male-baldness disease, which appears- either on top of head or on your face. In both the cases, it becomes hard for your body to grow hair, given this ailment remains unchecked. Even for the  go-getters among beard-enthusiasts, the sight of uncovered patches on cheeks, chin or jaws can trigger off sleepless nights.

On the off chance you belong to this tribe, there is good news for you. Eucalyptus oil rings the bell, when it comes to scouring for Alopecia Barbae cures.

Blend 5-6 drops of Eucalyptus oil with 1 ounce of virgin olive oil in a small jar, shake it well and massage your facial hair with this mix. Applying this concoction on your beard twice-a-day and in the meantime, ensure that you are not suffering from any skin fungal infection. Both of these will make for the best care for bald strips.

Aside from Eucalypts oil, cold-pressed coconut oil is another great sustenance, when you are enduring random bald spell on your face.

One tip: Regardless of whether you are experiencing Alopecia Barbae or have your beard growth under-control, using harmless paraben-based  products on your face, would be a suicide for your skin-care regimen.

Don’t Fall For Myths

There are numerous old wives’ tales regarding beard-growth. While the popular perception vows for leaving jojoba oil/lemon juice on your facial hair over-night gives it a push, the reality tells otherwise. Having sticky/acidic fluid on your face would only contribute to ruining your sleep, and nothing else.

How many of us have heard in our childhood days that, a tonsure guarantees for faster hair growth? The answer should be a staggering percentage. However, what makes the scenario more ridiculous is- when adult men fall for it and give their (in vain) faces a good shave once-in-while, in the hope for thick stubble.

Bottom-line: When it comes to beard-growth, you must believe more in science and less in tosh.


Be Physically Active


Next to nutritious diet and top grooming, it’s sweat-dripping work-out that works mostly for your beard-growth. Whether you jog around the local park or lift weight in gym- both of them would spike up the secretion of testosterone in your body. Result? Your skin would become the fertile land for hair growth- be it on top of the head or on your face.

There is an aesthetic appeal intertwined with parading a kingly beard. Nobody would give you a second look; on the off chance you have huge whiskers on a scrawny body. Regular cardio pumps up your muscles, tones up body and hikes your physical appeal manifold. So rather than looking like a hairy bum, lifting dumbbells would make you appear as a- sexy nerd with a beard.

Don’t Fight Off Genetics


When it comes to growing a beard, fighting off your genetics won’t bear any fruit. It so may happen that your chin grows the thickest hair while the cheeks see only thin stubble, even after following proper skin-care regimen in toto. This is no fault of yours; rather blame it on your heredity.

One tip may sail you through it and i.e. – learn different styling techniques to make your beard appear fuller and well-groomed. In case you can’t do it all alone, take help from a reputable salon.

Check Alcohol And Milk Consumption


When in a male body, the level of testosterone hormone is surpassed by that of estrogen; it may end up in triggering off “feminized” physical characteristics inside you. Growing a thick mustache certainly won’t fall under that. So it’s your obligation to- keep up the testosterone production high all the time, by any means.

However, this is not advisable to resort to testosterone -therapy as the first choice, as this may set off a chain of side-effects.

Now, it’s usual to ask- apart from cardio work-out, which are the other ways to incite testosterone secretion? The result lies with lower consumption of alcohol. Guzzling your favorite single malt every day may discharge aromatase enzyme in your body.

This compound converts testosterone into estrogen and you’ll be back to square one. On the off chance you find it hard to practice abstinence, limit your consumption to 1 or 2 glasses of red wine per week.

Along this line, don’t go for full fat milk, if you can’t do away with a glass of it before hitting the bed at night. Instead, choose the low-fat and skimmed version. Studies have found that full fat milk might decline the sperm count in a healthy male-thus setting off ‘male’ hormone to dwindle.

Take Plenty Of Rest



Less sleep ramps up ‘aging’ as well as decreasing testosterone level. As per Journal of American Medical Association, 5-hours of sleep (or less) may cut back on testosterone production by 10%. Isn’t it scary? Less testosterone means it would take eons to grow even stubble for you.

For the best effect, maintain a regular sleep journal and get off your portable workstation or any other electronic gadget no less than an hour before hitting the hay. Sneaking in a power nap of 30 minutes during likewise chips in to fulfill your daily sleep-quota (of minimum 8 hours).

Keep Patience


Aside from grooming, keeping up persistence is a virtue when you are growing a beard. Most men vacillate towards the end of initial month, when they become out of tolerance without seeing any visible outcome. However, it’s advisable that you should hang in there.

On the off chance, you get used to all the scratchiness and split ends in the first month, from thereon, the journey becomes smooth and the result (nice, thick whiskers) would justify the torment.

 Any man can vouch for- how ‘divine’ it feels to stroke away those velvety hair strands on your face. Apart from looking stylish, your beard may fetch you plenty of attention from opposite sex as well. To accomplish all that, don’t fall short on diligent work.